Did you know that April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month?

Somehow, with everything going on in my life, I forgot to write a blog explaining this month’s significance to me as a survivor of childhood sexual abuse.

However, upon further reflection, it dawned on me that we should be working every day to lift the veil on childhood sexual abuse and raise awareness about the steps we can take, individually and collectively, to prevent this global epidemic.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. But increasing awareness about breast cancer is a 365-day endeavor. Women with breast cancer don’t get a day off from their illness. So, we should work daily to raise money, provide information and support, and help millions of women reduce their breast cancer risk or detect it early when it’s more treatable.

Similarly, every day is another opportunity for people to learn about the signs of child abuse, to understand the impact that abuse can have on children and their families, and, most importantly, to take action to protect children from harm.

It’s important to remember that child abuse can take many forms, including physical abuse, sexual abuse, emotional abuse, and neglect. All forms of abuse can have lasting effects on children, including bodily injuries, emotional trauma, and developmental delays.

To prevent child abuse, we must be aware of the signs of abuse and neglect, report suspected abuse to the appropriate authorities, and support organizations that work to prevent child abuse and support families in need. It’s also vital to create safe and supportive environments for children in our communities and advocate for policies and laws that protect their rights and well-being.

It’s a work in progress as we prepare to launch Lift the Veil Society, an organization that will empower individuals and communities to recognize, react and prevent child sexual abuse through awareness, education, support, and stigma reduction.

A world free from child sexual abuse guides LTVS’s vision. We’re committed to creating an environment that protects our most vulnerable citizens and safeguards their right to a healthy childhood.

I’m convinced that working together can create a safer, healthier future for all children.