Practice Makes Perfect – or at least makes it better!

Have you ever wondered how some people can leave a relationship and not miss a beat where others can’t get out of their own heads?

I feel for both sides of these emotions. Even someone who leaves with a sense of ease has emotions to work through. And that’s the key right here – working through our emotions, getting through a situation, cutting through the pain, and getting out of our own way by clearing our minds.

Sounds easy right? That’s because we can make it as easy or as difficult as we are ready to endure. The choice really is up to each of us.

If you don’t mind it, it doesn’t matter… so mind your thoughts! You have the control panel to do so.

This takes daily practice, and the good news is there is no failure. I can tell you that when I began practicing “dog years ago” when I was 12 or 13 years old, I would lay my head down at night and start to feel disappointed in myself for allowing the day to go by without better controlling my shyness and sense of never being good enough. But then I would remember that while today is done, I get to try again when I wake up. And that always excited me… the possibility of doing things better the next day.

I share some of this in my book The Sugar Queen because it all relates back to me skipping school to watch Phil Donahue – the first and absolute best talk show host there ever was! It’s from one of his episodes that I learned to think of myself no better or worse than anyone else. And where I learned how to practice doing better each day and that there was no failure – only practice.

I think to live is to love. Love generally brings out the best in people. Loving your “self” can really help you to practice whatever brings betterment to you, to others you care about. And better is simply and truthfully “better”.

The only time we can fail is when we give up on ourselves. Otherwise, each day we wake up is a new day of opportunities – even the smallest of them can create betterment if we try… if we keep practicing.