About Lina

Meet the Sugar Queen

Biographies are weird. Often, they’re just lists of dates, events, and achievements. Maybe that stuff is important, but how do you distill someone’s life into a few simple paragraphs?

In reality, the most important things about me can’t be adequately described with words and, honestly, have no place in a bio.

Likewise, my most significant achievement certainly isn’t my memoir or even my business, Alexandria Professional. Instead, it’s something intangible that can’t be codified in a few sentences. It’s what I’d describe as a deep, unbreakable bond I share with a few people, especially my family, and my commitment to empowering and helping women and children. How can you boil that down to a few sentences?

I often felt desperate when I was young: there was so much pain in my world and so little I could do about it. Yet, even on the darkest of days, I knew there was a light at the end of the tunnel. I wasn’t living my truth. I knew that better things lay ahead. Now, years later, as I reflect on my life, I feel satisfied because I never settled, even when I couldn’t change my circumstances. The expression, “A thousand-mile journey begins with one step,” means something. Those steps add up.

Here are a few things I believe in that you won’t find among my list accomplishments:

  • Economic independence, business success, a loving family, determination, relentless optimism, and even a bit of good fortune has empowered me. However, many women and children are not so fortunate. They have no skills and few resources. They’re not in control of their bodies and lives. Women who cannot support themselves are especially vulnerable and can quickly become destitute and be victimized. Therefore, we must act without delay to empower women and girls worldwide to take control of their lives, even if they stumble and fall a hundred times along the way.
  • Every human being is uniquely valuable and is entitled to the highest respect, dignity, and care.
  • It is essential to be kind, truthful, take care of others, and practice self-care.
  • Good or bad, I’m grateful for every day.
  • There’s an expression, “Heal a Woman, Heal the World.” Women have the wisdom, courage, and power to lead their families and communities. Some just need a little guidance. If we’re going to heal the world, it will be women who make it happen.
In any case, here is the rest of my official bio.