The Sugar Queen Book

The Sugar Queen Book


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Few lives are as dramatic as Lina Kennedy’s, and few stories of survival and triumph are as satisfying as this inspirational autobiography.
Professionally, Lina is the founder of a multimillion-dollar business based on her hard work, innovations, and discoveries. She speaks and teaches around the world. Yet behind the compelling story of how she built her company lies another drama, the tale of an abused child who could not be crushed.

Raised in poverty and dysfunction, she was sustained by her inner strength and by a near-death experience at age seven, a mysterious gift of reassurance and hope. Alcoholics Anonymous rescued the family, but Lina faced years of healing even as she pursued the bright future she knew she would eventually create.

In her twenties, a single mother with little education, she mystified her friends by refusing to play it safe, never staying in one job or one relationship. Instead, she amassed a wealth of experience and met a cast of colorful characters who imparted lessons about whom to trust, what to risk, and how to navigate in a hazardous world. In her thirties, bedridden from injuries in an accident caused by a drunk driver, she saw by chance the business opportunity she had been waiting for and literally got up from bed to seize it. From there, she raced to entrepreneurship, expansion, and success.

The two stories of Lina Kennedy, professional and personal, come together in this book and in Lina herself, a woman whose insight, courage, and indomitable spirit are an example for anyone who dreams of a better life.


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15 reviews for The Sugar Queen Book

  1. Marleen Nagels, President of Hebea Professional

    I read your book in one go, and it was so funny, so moving, with so many truths, so honestly given, … Thank you for sharing your story with us!!

  2. Dawn Sampman

    Book is a great read bought the book yesterday and I couldn’t put it down so many people can learn from this book that anything in life is possible if you put ur heart and soul into it ? ❤️
    Dawn Sampman

  3. Catarina Araújo

    It´s one of my favorite books to read, inspiring stories that can lead us to success.
    Stories that help us focus and determine our lives.
    “Sugar Queen” a queen in her true grandeur of Lina life.

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