Meet Lina

Lina Kennedy is the founder and president of Alexandria Professional®, a global leader in sugaring hair removal and natural skin care.

Meet the Sugar Queen

Lina Kennedy never set out to become an author.

As the founder and president of Alexandria Professional®, the global leader in body sugaring hair removal and natural skin care, she’s spent the last three decades immersed in the beauty business. She is an entrepreneur, inventor, teacher, and recognized beauty industry innovator, having developed and pioneered a proprietary sugaring process for the removal of unwanted hair.

But here she is today, having penned an honest, heartfelt memoir that no less than Kirkus Reviews described as, “dramatically absorbing and wise,” and “an arresting remembrance, as brave as the life it describes.”

Critical accolades aside, Lina still doesn’t fancy herself as an author. “I’m a storyteller. I wrote the book, in part, to describe and portray my life with enough resonant truth and emotion so that it would seem authentic.”

Indeed, humans are storytellers by nature, and Lina is no different. However, good storytelling is a skill, and one not easily mastered. Finding the universal truths of human experience and translating them into cohesive and compelling drama takes effort. As Lina explains, “From the beginning, I wanted to translate my experiences into cohesive snapshots. I did this to capture them as honest memories and to discover any deeper meaning they might offer, both for myself and readers. It wasn’t always easy, but I’m pleased with the result.”

Lina brings a similar passion and enthusiasm to her work as a beauty industry pioneer and innovator, providing safe, healthy, and natural hair removal solutions to a rapidly-evolving industry.

Along the way, Lina also developed and introduced a proprietary line of fashionable, all-natural skincare products for both professional and home use. The Alexandria Professional skincare line and Full Circle Skin Conditioning™ program are helping redefine beauty industry standards with products and methods that are not only good for us but also good for our planet.

A network of like-minded body sugaring practitioners, distributors and educators support Lina’s efforts, spreading the word about her methods and products to leading spas, beauty schools, and salons.

Lina’s global success comes in spite of her resistance to what she describes as the “beauty industry’s way of doing business.”

She explains,

“I could see that the industry played on the vulnerability of people’s insecurities. I never liked going to salons, and for many years my guy friends would come over and do my hair. I didn’t buy into the industry hype and had no interest in being part of a world where women’s beauty standards were continually put under the microscope. The breaking point for me came after years of owning salons and developing a beauty brand when I allowed someone to bully me into changing my appearance for a promotional opportunity. But after that day, I said, ‘never again!'”

Lina takes pride in leading Alexandria Professional® with the same integrity. She is passionate about empowering women to feel and look their most beautiful.

People Magazine and the popular The Doctors and The Fashion Team television programs, as well as leading beauty industry trade publications, including Dermascope and Les Nouvelles Esthétiques Spa, have featured Lina’s important work. She is a sought-after expert, having authored over a dozen articles on body sugaring and skin care. Lina frequently lectures at beauty industry events. Her presentations typically draw standing-room-only crowds, for she is loved as an industry innovator and an enthralling speaker

The recipient of numerous industry accolades, Lina was recently honored with a prestigious award from Kosmetologi-Sky, Finland’s leading beauty therapist association, for her ErgoWave®, a state-of-the-art glove designed to correct and perfect hand position during body sugaring. Lina also pioneered Europe’s first body sugaring competition at the EuroSkills 2014 event in Lille, France, which led to a similar competition at the WorldSkills championship event in Abu Dhabi in 2017.

Leading CEOs are rightly viewed as a cornerstone of their business or corporation. However, they also represent the values that a company hopes to project. As such, Lina takes her role as someone in a position to positively shape society seriously. Thankful for a life of blessings that includes a successful business and loving family, Lina devotes time, guidance, and resources to many charitable causes. She is committed, in particular, to helping women break free of abusive relationships, empowering them through education and training for independence and eventual entrepreneurship. Equally important to Lina is the issue of childhood sex trafficking. As a victim of child sex abuse, she knows how this issue devastates lives. She is committed to being part of the group that brings heightened awareness to and ultimately ends modern child sex trafficking.

On the home front, Lina rejoices in motherhood, her ever-growing family, and the lasting friendships that stretch to all corners of the world. Today, after decades of manifesting her destiny, Lina defines success as “waking up every day happy to go forward.”

What could be better than that?

An Interview with Lina Kennedy