I will forever remember Tuesday, May 3, 2021, as a big win for my company Alexandria Professional, LLC.

I have been fighting our brand’s rights, a serious infringement for near 27 years now! You might be wondering how it can take so long to resolve a legal situation! Well, I want to vent here by sharing a few things.

One – every time you need to fight for your rights in business, it costs, and sometimes the costs outweigh the win – for the day. And “the day”’s can be numerous.

We had an old account of AP register the name “The Tanning Hut and Alexandria Body Sugaring” since the founding of our company. This occurred before I took over back in 1995. At the time, everything was copacetic between our company and this individual’s business, meaning they were our client, and we went forward together. Then one day, it came to our knowledge that they were no longer a client of AP. Tried as we may, we did not have the right to stop them from using the name they had registered because we did not own the rights to the name we were using. We had many years of complications until we were able to negotiate the purchase of ALL related names to Alexandria Professional from the original owners of Alexandria Body Sugaring.

Then we tried again to stop them from using it but to no avail! We kept spending money to make this happen because it was confusing the marketplace, especially in Canada where the business was active. At the time, they were only representing themselves in their local Western Canada location. But still, very confusing – plus they were not of AP quality!

Then I received notifications from some practitioners on our support group about this company now producing sugaring and skincare products using “our brand name” with similar designs and selling outside their local place of treatments.

That’s when I went full force with our legal team because now, they were creating a bigger confusion in an even larger marketplace, not to mention seriously riding on our brand coattail!

Well, I am so very happy to announce that the patience, diligence, and perseverance combined with those who were kind enough to inform us of their findings online, has paid off! As of May 3rd, we were officially successful at STOPPING them from using our brand name! Yes!!! Now they have switched out the name (Alexandria Professional) affiliated with our brand to another name. This story ended with a very happy ending!

This was the last of so many thorns in my side to be removed. Now I am of 100% clear mind with all my good energies ready to be used for positivity and possibilities towards the development of our growing brand in recognition of the good we all bring to our customers worldwide!

I suppose I can feel blessed that we are so well recognized as the “go-to and trusted brand” that it makes competitors want to try to affiliate with us through cheating their customers into believing they are receiving the best.

All in all, it is another day where I feel blessed and grateful!