The Sugar Queen Book

The Sugar Queen Book


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Few lives are as dramatic as Lina Kennedy’s, and few stories of survival and triumph are as satisfying as this inspirational autobiography.
Professionally, Lina is the founder of a multimillion-dollar business based on her hard work, innovations, and discoveries. She speaks and teaches around the world. Yet behind the compelling story of how she built her company lies another drama, the tale of an abused child who could not be crushed.

Raised in poverty and dysfunction, she was sustained by her inner strength and by a near-death experience at age seven, a mysterious gift of reassurance and hope. Alcoholics Anonymous rescued the family, but Lina faced years of healing even as she pursued the bright future she knew she would eventually create.

In her twenties, a single mother with little education, she mystified her friends by refusing to play it safe, never staying in one job or one relationship. Instead, she amassed a wealth of experience and met a cast of colorful characters who imparted lessons about whom to trust, what to risk, and how to navigate in a hazardous world. In her thirties, bedridden from injuries in an accident caused by a drunk driver, she saw by chance the business opportunity she had been waiting for and literally got up from bed to seize it. From there, she raced to entrepreneurship, expansion, and success.

The two stories of Lina Kennedy, professional and personal, come together in this book and in Lina herself, a woman whose insight, courage, and indomitable spirit are an example for anyone who dreams of a better life.


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  1. Sophie Lakis

    This is a gripping story of enormous challenges, traumas,ingenuity and the resilience of a very determined woman to leave the past behind and carve out a very successful life for herself and her family despite her beginnings. A realistic story for anyone who is looking for inspiration in their own life and work. I read it in a day and a half as I could not put it down, anxious to see what the next chapter would present. Well written and beautifully edited, it will leave you cheering for Lina and the hundreds of practitioners and distributors around the world that have benefited from her determination and creativity to become the gold standard in epilation and skincare globally. It is a book that you will long remember and refer back to time and again for your own encouragement to overcome life’s occasional “tidal waves”!
    What an uplifting ending! And the equally powerful lesson of forgiveness.
    Sophie Lakis

  2. Lisa A Jackson, PhD

    Wow Lina! I just finished your book! That is truly one amazing story!! Exceedingly well written, deeply profound lessons from your life wonderfully expressed, a resounding optimism to persevere when life is intense…. I can’t say enough….I am truly in awe…. The words which I feel sum you up are POWERFUL RESILIENCE! In my profession, I try to teach parents the need to build resilience in their children. Sadly, there is such an emphasis on promoting self esteem in kids these days that people forget that our children need to learn that self esteem is innately related to our ability to rise up and learn from adversity and difficulty (which the majority are ill prepared to handle). You are living proof of a strong resilient woman. I will be recommending your inspirational book to my patients’ moms…

    Kudos for sharing your life story with the world….

  3. Frank D’Agostino

    Remarkable! In the Sugar Queen. Lina Kennedy shows us that no matter what comes along, no matter how bad! It’s far better to own it! Rather than to be owned by it!
    It’s a gift Lina has possessed and developed from a young age. Always impeccably put together and astonishingly present given the constant barrage of both emotional and physical obstacles she endured.
    Thanks Lina for sharing this with us.
    Long time friend

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